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Another awesome collaboration and Combo Deal brought to you by DStv Mobile and MultiChoice.

Suggested retail R1699.00

HD PVR & Drifta Combo Deal - R1699,00

DStv Mobile and Multichoice has put together a fantastic combo deal for our customers. Now they can buy both the HD PVR and Drifta in one box at a great price. Below is an illustration of the package deal that the customer will get or see - an HD PVR and a Drifta in the same box.

What do I get with this deal?
Inside the box you get a HD PVR decoder and a Drifta (DStv Mobile Decoder).
This is a bundle of the PVR decoder and the Drifta and both products are packaged in one box.

Am I able to buy the products separately?
The products in this combo cannot be separated as this is a packaged deal for you. Should you wish to only buy one product from this combo, you will not get them at the agreed packaged deal price. The retailers are not able to break up this combo and sell the products individually as the barcode on the box is linked to the serial numbers of the enclosed decoders.

What happens if I have a problem with one of the products?
If any of the products give you problems, return the faulty device and we will gladly swap it for you.

What is the retail price of this combo?
The retail price for this combo is R1 699. The Drifta costs R599.00, however for this combo has been discounted to R199.00

Can I buy the Drifta only for R199?
The Drifta alone will cost you R599. However, if purchased as part of this combo the discount will apply. Therefore the discount applies to both products being sold together in the Combo Pack Box.

Does this mean I can no longer purchase the Drifta or the PVR alone?
You are still able to purchase a Drifta or a HD PVR separately should you wish to. This combo has been put together to give you best of both worlds.

Can I purchase the combo and later return the Drifta and only keep the HD PVR?
You need to return all the products packaged in the box, the Drifta and the HD PVR.  The Drifta/HD PVR bought as part of this deal cannot be accepted if returned alone.

If I activate my HD PVR, does it automatically activate my Drifta?
You will still need to call in and activate your Drifta. The normal activation process would still apply for both decoders. The bundle is for sales purposes only. The devices are still individual/stand-alone devices

Does this mean I only pay one subscription for both decoders?
This bundle is only for purchasing the products. Subscription costs and/or subscription discounts will still apply for both decoders individually.

Premium Subscriptions qualify for one free Drifta subscription.

Can I give the Drifta to someone else should I wish to?
Yes. You are not obligated to use the Drifta even though you purchased it as a combo. The person that you wish to give the Drifta to would need to have the Drifta activated against their account or even your account.

When will this offer be available and how long will it be available?
The bundle will be available for orders from 22 August 2011 and details of the closing date will be made available to you when the offer is almost over.

Where do I find more information on any of these products?
* Information on a Drifta can be accessed through www.dstvmobile.com <http://www.dstvmobile.com/>
* Information on a HD PVR can be accessed through  <http://www.dstv.com/> www.dstv.com